November HDB Resale Prices Recorded 2019’s Highest Increase

Accordingly to SRX, HDB resale prices up 0.6% in November, this In Spite Of Lower Volume.

HDB resale prices, continue SRX, increased by 0.6% in November 2019 over October 2019. HDB 3 Room, 4 Room and Executive experience price increases of 0.1%, 1.2% and 1.1%. Meanwhile, HDB 5 Room prices decrease slightly by 0.1%. Non-Mature Estates prices increase by 1.0% while Mature Estates prices stay flat, as compared to October 2019.

According to the SRX Property Price Index for HDB Resale:

The Prices in November 2019 are 0.4% higher from preceding year.
but The Prices in November 2019 are 13.8% lower than the peak in April 2013.
Year-on-Year, Non-Mature Estates prices increase 2.0% while Mature Estates prices decrease 2.0%.

Accordingly to SRX there were 1,915 HDB resale transactions in November 2019, representing a 13.5% decrease from October 2019.

Year-on-year, resale volume in November 2019 is 1.6% higher than the previous year.
Breaking down by room types, in November 2019, 42.5% of the volume comes from HDB 4 Room, 24.8% from 5 Room, 23.6% from 3 Room and 6.8% from Executive. The rest are from 2 Room and Multi-Gen.

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