Larger HDB flats attracting more buyers in mature estates

Larger HDB flats attracting more buyers in mature estates. This is what appear to be a trend accordingly to the data reported by businesstimes on WED, NOV 20, 2019

In the Housing Board sales exercise that concluded on Monday in the Ang Mo Kio there were more than 13 first-time applicants lodged for each of the 235 four-room flats in Ang Mo Kio, the biggest unit type in the estate, but the 87 three-room flatsĀ  attracted only around two applicants each.

It was much the same in Tampines with about 11 bids made for each of the 193 five-room flats and the 218 four-roomers. But the 90 three-room flats only drew three applicants per unit.

Eligible buyers can now tap the new Enhanced CPF Housing Grant of up to S$80,000, which has no restrictions on the choice of flat type and location. The raised income ceiling means that more people are now eligible to buy new flats and naturally, these families are going for bigger units. They can afford it and they are also aware that the capital gains on the resale market for big units are larger.