Make Easy Money: Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Money-Making Property

You Might been Sleeping on 10,000 Dollars per year and not been aware of it.

In Yishun, because of all the job opportunities that Yishun offers (like at the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital or at the Yishun Community hospital), there is high demand of Bedrooms.

Typically a Master bedroom in a Yishun HDB, depending on the condition of the room, can fetch up to 1,000$ per month.
In a year this accumulate to about 10,000 Dollars.

For a master bedroom in a condo, the expected rental income could 1,000 to 1,200 Dollars a month.

As you and the tenant will have dedicated toilet and shower, renting out a master bedroom offers more privacy and hygienic safety than renting out a common bedroom.
If Your Home is not fully occupied, you can Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Money-Making Property Now:

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There are all kinds of ways that our homes cost us money. Property taxes. PUB Utilities. Mortgage payments. Many of us hope that it will all pay off in the long run when we sell our house and property for a profit.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Many struggling homeowners are renting a room in their homes to help make ends meet. While this may seem like a drastic step, opening one’s home to boarders was a common practice just a century ago. Hosting a tenant is an easy way to help pay bills and may even provide a thicker financial cushion.

The first step to making money off your home is deciding what space within your home you’re going to rent.
Master Bedrooms with their own bathrooms will obviously rent for more than a common bedroom with shared facilities.
To make the most income you might consider giving up your master bedroom as it has an ensuite and yourself move to sleep in the common room.