Yishun Waterpark , the first community spray park set within a public housing estate.

Spanning over 5,600 square metres, Oasis Waterpark, Located at 307 Yishun Ring Road, consists of three main zones of water play including a 3.5-metre tall mist curtain, a main spray zone, an interactive ground spray area and a water channel.

Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East is the first community spray park set within a public housing estate, designed for children aged between 2 to 12 years old and accessible to the public.



The concept was to create a spray park that softens the surrounding by using circular zones. A path is created all the way around the zones, connecting not only the circles but also the surroundings four accesses. The concrete edges include benches, which offer seatings for children and adults alike.

Taking into consideration the children ages 2-12 years, three spray zones were planned to ensure children from different age groups can play safely and thus minimising the risk of accidents or collision.

The main spray zone was designed to be tropical rainforest theme. Consisting of columns of spray mist, falling buckets of water and spray guns, it brings fun and excitement for children aged between 6 to 12 years old.


For children aged between 2 and 6 years old, they have plenty of choices ranging from the pirate theme waterslide to the rain curtain coming from the aqua mast pirate. The mist curtain serves as an eye-catching feature. It creates a mist effect and provides cooling to children who do not want to get wet. The interactive ground sprays allow children to run and move freely while interacting with the ground sprays.

The shallow lake and the flushing water stream provide many different interactive play elements such as the water wheel for children to experiment with water flow while also offer seating elements to relax and restore.